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LEVEL III: ValidATE & ValidATE Plus - Functional Systems
Manufacturer Seica
Product Code LEVEL III: ValidATE & ValidATE
Product Name LEVEL III: ValidATE & ValidATE Plus - Functional Systems
Product Description


Designed for electronics needs, keeping into account also the future implementations, the ValidATE system features complete test solutions for Legacy Replacement of systems like GR179X, GR275X, L200, L300, Schlumberger S7XX and other. The open and modular architecture of its hardware and software components makes the Valid technology available also in the solutions Valid MT, to meet the needs of STE system integrators, or to bring new electronics over old testers to replace the outdated.

The ValidATE provides excellent features like:

  • 25MHz digital functional, test, with up to 1,024 I/O channel capability
  • Parallel analog functional test with up to 256 I/O channel capability (tester per pin)
  • DSP integrated instrument for drive and analog sense
  • 3D-routing architecture to connect COTS equipments simultaneously
  • Automated instruments for fault detection on digital and analog circuits for SRU
  • Simultaneous testing with digital, serial and analog drive for LRU validation

ValidATE Plus
ValidATE Plus is electrically the same as the ValidATE System. The ergonomics are changed to best suit the requirements of combined in-circuit and functional test, when a bed-of-nails fixture is more appropriate. Together with the ability to thoroughly verify the functionality of digital, analog and mixed-mode circuitry, the ValidATE Plus can extend its application to power-off, structural and power-on in-circuit techniques. The system combines best-in class solutions for board testing to meet performance, capacity and fault location capabilities. The system takes advantage of all techniques to reduce test generation cost, without affecting fault coverage or throughput. Power-off structural tests, using both junction and capacitive techniques, are first used to isolate simple manufacturing faults. Power-on in-circuit tests, both analog and digital, including extensions to IEEE 1149 techniques, are then deployed through the non-multiplexed hybrid channels of the system. Where required, fast On Board Programming (OBP) operations can be performed. Finally, the full power of functional test can certify operation of the UUT.

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