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Level I: PTE-100 - Functional Systems
Manufacturer Seica
Product Code Functional testing Level I
Product Name Level I: PTE-100 - Functional Systems
Product Description

The PTE-100 is a powerful, flexible and transportable, Intelligent Break Out Box designed to provide checkout, test and troubleshooting in critical parts of electronic systems.

The PTE-100 gives test personnel access to electrical signals for probing, voltage injection, isolation checks, voltage/current and time/frequency measurements, and it offers the ability to analyze hot and loaded circuits, verifying missing, corrupted or present valid signals. Furthermore, the PTE-100 offers the ability to make electrical verification activities more efficient, repeatable and safe, by introducing software controlled test sequences to reduce human errors and guide diagnostic resolution. Break Out Boxes are commonly made in-house and are often specific to a particular project. They are simply designed to multiplex connections between two units and use external instrumentation for signal injection or measurement. The end result is a multitude of tools, difficult to maintain, with limited transportability, providing costly and inefficient operations at the factory or in the field.

The main features of the system are:

  • Modular and scalable configuration up to 256 I/O channels
  • 500V/2A carrying voltage/current and 30VDC/200VAC/2A hot switching
  • Integrated DC/AC instruments for DSP drive and sense
  • Controllable by notebook via LAN cable
  • Can be powered on field (22VDC at 30VDC) or on depot (115VAC at 230VAC)
  • Dimensions: 590 x 285 x 430 mm, Weight: 20 Kg.

Targeting both civil and military for avionic, ships and transport applications , either at shop intermediate level or at operating level in the field, the PTE-100 delivers a fully integrated test and diagnostic unit in the hands of the maintenance engineer.


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