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Seica Rapid Line Bare Board Testers
Manufacturer Seica
Product Code Bare Board Testers
Product Name Seica Rapid Line Bare Board Testers
Product Description RAPID is the line of Flying Probe testers for printed circuit boards (Bare Board Testers) with the highest performance available on the market. It meets the requirements of industry segments through models with horizontal or vertical architecture, 4 or 8 independent flying probes and a complete range of measurement techniques. Through architecture flexibility all unique market segments can be easily addressed due to the advanced hardware and software integration. To better meet the requirements of different operational and manufacturing process flow, Seica is the only ATE manufacturer that offers the RAPID Line with 2 complementary architectures. The horizontal architecture presents systems oriented to the in-line configuration for the complete automation of test process, eliminating the need for operator presence. In today’s market, in-line automation does not necessarily mean “High Volume”, BUT the ability to test dozens of unique batches or “part numbers” of PCBs in small quantities OR large quantities.

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